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MyMENSCH-W65Cx65MMC Getting Started


Step 1

Plug in your MyMENSCH via USB


Use a micro USB cable to plug your MyMENSCH Development Board into your computer. This will both power the board and provide a WDCTools development interface. The MyMENSCH has a built-in simple operating system called a Monitor which is located in the CFM. The Monitor is always there and is the built-in interface that is all you need to get started with the WDCTools and your first project.

Review MyMENSCH Board and W65C165i1 Datasheets

-Micro USB Cable NOT included

Step 2

Get Started with MyMENSCH WDCTools and Preparation


  1. Download the WDC Programming Manual

  2. Download WDCTools Install WDCTools and set update preferences with installer

  3. Download D2XX FTDI Driver

  4. Text Editor-Select a text editor that works best for your needs it very important to ensuring that your code generation works as expected. There are many option which include both commercial and free versions. We suggest if you are looking for a free editor Notepad ++.
  5. Batch Files –  WDC provides sample batch files within WDCTools to get you started. You can find these by going into your Start Menu, scroll to MyMENSCH WDCTools and identifying the file you want to use.
  6. WDC Debugger– Upon selection of the batch file the WDC Debugger will launch.
  7. Writing your Program– Launch File Explorer, Select Local Disk (C:), Find the WDC file and select the project you want to change, Click that project and select ASM. Open this file in your Text Editor.
  8. Upload Program– Once your changes to the ASM file are made you can save and run the BAT file.

*Find WDCTools Support videos on YouTube

The WDCTools is NOT for resale or reverse engineering of our technology in any form and is NOT provided for development of commercial products that use non–WDC 65xx processors in Core or Chip form.


Step 3

Advanced Developers Getting Started/Support


We at The Western Design Center pride ourselves in our private and confidential relationship development. In order to best support Commercial Product Developers we have created a private GitHub and Wiki to support your product development. Access to this resource will provide you with Documentation, Design Files, and Code Examples  for the W65Cx65MMC “MyMENSCH” development platform while also creating a supported relationship with the WDC business and technology development teams.

To start your Commercial Product Developer access request please download the WDC NDA below, review and sign the NDA and email it to Sales@WesternDesignCenter.com.

NDA Download

Preparation Items:


USB Bit Blaster

FPGA Development Tools

Download and install Quartus Prime 17.1 Lite Edition available from Intel here.