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W65C02SXB / W65C816SXB Projects

WDC would like to present projects that will provide you an experience that shows you that program things a lot of times can broaden your horizons to see a world of possibilities. Our 65xx technology has been doing this for generations and has been at the forefront of some of the first and most popular computers and gaming systems in the world.

Remember as you begin these projects that this is just the tip of the iceberg of your creativity and success with our technology. By gaining experience and understanding of the relationship to the registers and knowing how the ports work, you will find that it is much like seeing and understanding how a puzzle fits together. Through this process, you are gaining an educational experience with 65xx technology related to real engineering that you cannot get anywhere else. We understand the value of understanding! Many systems have eliminated the need for understanding to acquire a “feeling “of instant gratification. We want you to experience real success.

As your understanding and experience grows you will find that all things are possible.


Seven Segment Project

Instructables Hello World Project