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W65C02SXB 8-bit MPU SBC



Features Block Diagram Highlights DataSheet 02SXB Board Schematic

The W65C02SXB is a seminal single board microcomputer for developing educational and industrial strength microcontrollers. As such, the W65C02SXB has become an Education based Single Board Computer (SBC) developed around the world renowned W65C02S 8-bit microprocessor which is known for creating some of today’s most valuable companies with product such as the Apple IIc portable improved Apple IIApple Enhanced IIe, BBC Master home/educational computer, Atari Lynx handheld, NEC PC Engine aka TurboGrafx-16,  GameKing handhelds and many others .

With its vast, I/O provided by the on board W65C22 VIA, W65C21 PIA, and W65C51 ACIA peripheral ports the W65C02SXB provides the user with easy access to the vast flexibility while providing an open faced platform for teaching the relationship between Microprocessors and Peripheral IC’s. Students can explore I/O components and how to control them by applying real world Electrical Engineering principles. These principles will allow students to understand technology at a level which spans across all technologies.

The W65C02SXB has debugging connectivity the WDCTools. Code can be developed and the binary output can be downloaded to the board through the TIDE port interface and monitor firmware which allows for vast programming flexibility for teaching either Assembly or C language programming.

Since the W65C02S is upwards compatible with the W65C816S, your W65C02SXB applications can be easily ported to the W65C816SXB.



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