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6502.org is a resource for people interested in building hardware or writing software for the 6502 microprocessor and its relatives.

We continually strive to remain the largest and most complete source for 6502-related information in the world. This includes everything from articles and project descriptions to schematics and source code.

If you have anything to contribute, whether in electronic form or otherwise, please contact us. This site was built on visitor contributions and we need your help to keep growing!



Home of the first Enrichment Technology Club using WDC Xxcelr8r Boards to teach students grades 3-5 about how technology works and how to apply real world engineering principles to empower their inner engineers.

Located in Durango Colorado- The mission of Park Elementary School is to lead and engage students to reach their potential in a global society by providing a positive, nurturing and challenging environment where children succeed cognitively, socially and emotionally through shared responsibility of school, family, and community.



We believe:

  • In high expectations for all regarding consistency, communication, and collaboration.
  • Understanding individual rates and styles of learning and providing opportunity for inquiry and reflection.
  • Affirming the worth and diversity of the school community.
  • In having a respectful, supportive and trusting environment where people feel comfortable to openly express themselves.