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This Download includes our WDCTools suite with an integrated project simulator/debugger. These tools were developed for the optimization of product development, but can also be enjoyed as some standalone 65xx coding fun with it’s flexibility in coding options using either Assembly or C language code.

The WDCTools and available extensions are NOT for resale or reverse engineering of our technology in any form and is NOT provided for the development of commercial products that use of Non–WDC 65xx processors in Core or Chip form.

To work with WDCTools for use with a Non-WDC processor WDC requires a Commercial Use License agreement. To obtain this license and support please Contact Us.

Version 2.0 Release December 2016: The latest WDCTools release will feature TIDE Removed, FULL VERSIONS of our C-Compilers and Optimizers, 9 simulator/hardware projects with command line batch scripts to get you working fast.

All tools current work on Windows Platforms (XP/Vista/7/8). For Mac OSX user 65xxTools have been successfully tested on VMware Fusion.

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