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Conflict Materials Documentation


 Tested, reliable, and conscience parts for your projects.


WDC has established a solid manufacturing chain to ensure that you will have the product you need for the life of your project. Our intention is to continue manufacturing all of our current products for as long as possible. We have great partners that have helped us achieve our goals. Each device is assembled and tested in an ISO-9001 certified facility. All of our current production parts are RoHS2/Green compliant and conform to current SVHC-REACH and Conflict Materials standards. The documents below are common documents that customers request regarding RoHS, Substances of Very High Concern, and Conflict Materials.


RoHS 2-3 Statment 2018


REACH_SVHC 2016-2017

CFSI-4.10-TSMC-Excel Spreadsheet

CFSI-4.20- TSMC-Excel Spreadsheet

CFSI-4.10 PGC-Excel Spreadsheet

CFSI-4.20 GTK-Excel Spreadsheet

CFSI-5.0 GTK-Excel Spreadsheet

CFSI-5.0 TSMC-Excel Spreadsheet

CMRT-5.11 Excel Spreadsheet