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PCB Design and Manufacturing Partners





PCB Design

  • PCB Design using the Mentor Graphics PADS LAYOUT® tool
  • Multi-Layer, Double and Single Sided Layouts
  • Analog/Digital Circuitry
  • Blind-Buried Vias/Blind Via-in-Pad
  • High Speed Design
  • Differential Pairs
  • Matched Signal Lengths
  • Matched Impedance
  • Split Power and Ground Planes
  • Resistive Inks
  • Thermal Substrates
  • Flex/Rigid-Flex

Schematic Capture

Schematic Capture using the Mentor Graphics PADS LOGIC® & DxDesigner® tools. Many other schematic and netlist platforms, such as OrCAD Capture® and Altium Designer, may be imported as well.

PCB Footprint Creation for PADS LAYOUT®

Don’t have an IPC librarian?  Let us make your critical parts for you using the Mentor Graphics LP Wizard tool.

SCHEMATIC Symbol Creation for PADS LOGIC® & OrCAD Capture®

Do you have extremely high pin-count devices that take you days to make their schematic symbols?
Send us the PDF datasheet or CSV file and let us make it for you using the Mentor Graphics Symbol Wizard tool.

PCB Fabrication

JAG Design deals with many PCB Fabrication companies and will use the most economic vendor based on your time line, budget, and design complexity.

Bill Of Material Generation

Bill-of-Materials supplied in either Microsoft’s Word® or Excel® formats.

Assembly and Parts Procurement

If you would like to turnkey your project from schematic through to assembly, JAG Design can assist you with your needs.









At QuikTek Assembly, we provide a wide spectrum of contract manufacturing services for assembly of printed circuit boards to the manufacture of a complete product ready to ship to your customer.

 Founded by engineers and management professionals with over 80 years of electronic contract manufacturing experience, Zenem is focused on quality and customer satisfaction supported by the strategic deployment of continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, best business practices, ISO 9001:2008 compliance and overall manufacturing excellence. This results in reduced manufacturing costs, reduced cycle times, better sustained quality and increased reliability for our customers, all of which positively affect the bottom line. The strength and foundation of Zenem is to help customers develop and realize their product from concept to full production.

Zenem Corporation specializes in:

 New Product Introduction (NPI)
 Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
 Complex Assembly
 Low to Mid-Volume Builds
 High Mix Builds
 Pre Production Prototyping
 Full Production Runs
 Box Build
 Electronic Integration
 Wiring/Cable Harnesses
 Programming and Test
 Consigned Kit Production
 Turnkey Solutions