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Third Party Products

This page is dedicated to some current products, software, and documentation from others that support WDC products. If you have a product to add to this page, please contact us!

FPGA Microcontroller-Based Products

ECNX IoT Development Platform – ECNX is the first partner to use WDC’s FPGA Microcontrollers to create a product.  They have created an IoT development platform and are currently working on an electric meter for the Nigerian and greater African markets.

Chip Based Products

Olimex Neo6502 – This compact yet powerful computer combines the WDC 6502 in a QFP package with an RP2040 SOC. Olimex adds USB, HDMI/DVI, audio, I/O connectors, and more to give you full-featured computer features with almost unlimited possibilities.

6502 Computer Kit by Ben Eater – This is an excellent breadboard kit for tinkering with computers.  Ben teaches you through his Youtube videos how to make your own simple computer with the W65C02S and W65C22S.

C256, F256, and F256 Junior by Foenix Retro Systems -These wonderfully ambitious projects from Stefany Allaire are based on the W65C02S and W65C816S chips and the F256 boards also use the W65C22S VIA.  She has been creating impressive sound, video, and data functions on FPGAs.  There are several purchase options available.

Commander X16 – The Commander X16 is the W65C02S-based dream computer of David Murray (The 8-bit Guy). The W65C22S VIA chip is also used. This project has a huge user community already and some great development going on.  There is no hardware available to the public yet, but there is a great emulator that is under continuous development. As of early 2023, developer units are shipping and plans are coming along for public release.

Eureka Leap – EL is a premier provider of low-cost, high-quality kitting and fulfillment services.  They currently make an electronics kit based around the W65C02S, W65C22S, and W65C51N.

Neon816 – This is a W65C816S-based computer in a Mini-ITX form factor.  There is a Facebook group to follow the progress and become part of the Neon816 community.  A Developer’s Edition is available from Tindie.

SmartyKit computer construction kit – DIY computer kit on the breadboards to build an Apple-1 compatible computer, using the W65C02S chip.

WDC Board Addons

BCPL for the W65C265SXB – Project by Andrew Jacobs (his website has a wealth of 65xx knowledge, projects, etc.) that is a self-hosted BCPL programming environment running on the W65C265SXB.  This project shows you how to add a 128K RAM and CH376S USB Interface module to the W65C265SXB.


Easy SXB – Terminal/program loader tool for working with the Mensch Microcomputer, W65C134SXB, and W65C265SXB from Joe Davisson).  With Joe’s permission, WDC has included the Easy SXB in our WDCTools installer and it is used for any Getting Started projects.

Java Grinder – Run Java natively on the W65C265SXB.  This project by Mike Kohn (65xx support from Joe Davisson) supports numerous platforms including 3 for the W65C02/816 (Commodore 64, Apple IIgs, and W65C265SXB).

W65C265SXB Forth – A Direct Threaded Forth for the WDC W65C265SXB developer board from Andrew Jacobs.

W65C265SXB Hacker – A software tool from Andrew Jacobs for modifying the firmware (in FLASH)  on your WDC W65C265SXB.

W65C816SXB C Demo – Simple C Demo for the W65C816SXB.  Andrew made several include (.inc) files for the various features of the boards and chips.  This is a great programming reference.

W65C816SXB Forth – A Direct Threaded Forth for the WDC W65C816SXB developer board from Andrew Jacobs.

W65C816SXB Hacker – A software tool from Andrew Jacobs for modifying the firmware  (in FLASH) on your WDC W65C816SXB.


W65C265SXB GuideScot Stevenson’s additional documentation on Github for the W65C265SXB.  Scot compiled information on his work with the W65C265SXB and what he learned from others.  This is a helpful resource for this SBC.