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The WDC 65xx brand is the only processor family that has remained loyal to its ISA for over the last 38 years. In addition to serving the widest spectrum of electronic markets through those years WDC IP has proven reliability and flexibility as technological advancements have occurred. Our reliability and mutually beneficial business philosophy have allowed our technology to create some of today’s most valuable companies.

Trusted Quality – WDC has been used by many licensees for over 35 years.  Proven on numerous FPGA families and ASIC process technologies, WDC’s IP has been part of our customers’ success in nearly all markets.

Flexible Options – WDC IP is available in two forms; GDSII Hard Core and Verilog RTL Soft Core.  WDC has a solution for your design flow.  The GDSII cores are best suited for 5V and 3.3V systems, and the RTL IP is optimal for systems at 3.3V and below (many FPGA families have options at 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8, and 1.2V).

flow chart

Size – WDC IP is available in two forms.  The GDSII Hard IP tends to be smaller than the RTL cores, giving you a more optimized ASIC solution.  The RTL IP is still very small and can utilize smaller and more cost effective FPGA devices for lower volume flexible solutions.

Speed – WDC’s Addressable Register Architecture (ARA) and full Address, Data, and Control busses make it simple for you to add direct interfaces to other IP, peripherals, etc.  Direct connections mean fewer bottlenecks than using complex bus interfaces.

Code ability – 8-bit Assembly with one of the world’s most popular and beloved microprocessor architectures means you can write simple and optimal firmware for your application.  C-Compiler tools are also available convenience and conformity across platforms.


FPGA-to-ASIC Conversion:

For applications that require it, WDC’s FPGA Microcontroller designs can be converted to an ASIC. WDC has a long-term relationship with Progate Group Corporation (PGC) for ASIC manufacturing, testing, and even FPGA-to-ASIC conversion.

WDC FPGA Design Flow


WDC FPGA Development Platforms:


MyMENSCH™ Microcomputer is the Western Design Center’s VASIC-to-ASIC™ (SBC), using a Programmable logic System on a Chip (PSoC) Intel PSG MAX10 10M08 FPGA.

A FPGA Microcontroller is a softcore microprocessor version of WDC’s 65xx Microprocessor family of GDSII design(s) that can be wholly implemented using logic synthesis. It can be implemented via different semiconductor devices containing programmable logic (e.g.FPGA)

FPGAs can have a  learning curve, so getting started tutorials are a popular topic. Intel recently published a video titled “Basics of Programmable Logic: FPGA Architecture”. If you do want to use Quartus, there are quite a few follow-on courses, including  Become a [sic] FPGA Designer in 4 Hours.

  MyMENSCH FPGA Development Platform





 ASIC Development:

The advantages of ASICs and highly integrated system-on-chip solutions in terms of cost reduction and increase in performance can be immense, and we believe WDC’s unique design-to-production flow offers you the lowest risk path to success.

We start with an extremely rigorous specification process. During the design phase itself, we use our extensive library of proven circuit IP to speed up projects, and build detailed design review and verification steps into all our designs – at specification, net list, layout and sample stages.

WDC ASIC Design Flow








Additive Manufacturing in the Semiconductor Industry

The technology to use additive manufacturing has been around for more than three decades, but it’s only quite recently that it’s been possible to explore this in more depths.

A number of different industries have benefited from the extension of additive manufacturing, with fields such as medicine, aerospace and automotive redesigning some of their more conventional production methods.

Additive manufacturing offers a number of different advantages than conventional techniques, allowing parts to be created which are more geometrically complex, stronger and yet more economical too. 3D printing as it’s often referred to in the popular media is a technology which has captured the public’s imagination yet it’s already in use far more than many people realize.

The semiconductor industry is one which holds the possibility for fascinating developments, as the techniques for additive manufacturing become more refined and more intricate work becomes possible.

Supporting our time proven, flexible products for demanding applications:

WDC’s 65xx products have been used in countless commercial/industrial applications over the years.  From elevators to railway systems; lab equipment to industrial cooling systems and beyond.  These markets really benefit from WDC’s Addressable Register Architecture (ARA).  Our chips have easy access to both the Address and Data Busses for easy expansion.  Our IP is structured to allow for easy direct connection with other direct IP.

For more information regarding our support for industrial use of our technology including Conflict Materials Documentation, Legacy Replacement, Packaging and more please visit our Commercial Resource page.

Commercial Resource Information Page