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W65C02S 8-bit MPU


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The W65C02S is a low power 8–bit microprocessor utilized in a vast array of products for the Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, and Medical markets. This chip features a full external data (8–bit) and address (16–bit) bus for easy integration with 8–bit peripherals and memory.

Features of the W65C02S

  • 8−bit data bus
  • 16−bit Address Bus 65Kbyte Memory and IO Space
  • 69 Variable Length Instructions
  • 16 Addressing Modes
  • 1.8−5V Operating Voltage
  • Fully Static for Power and Radiation Management
  • Verilog RTL Core Available for FPGA Development


W65C02S Programming Model


This part is a drop in replacement for many obsolete parts. WDC has compiled a list of cross part numbers and package types.

W65C02S Cross Parts Replacement List