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WDCTools Features

TIDE User Guide

TIDE integrates into the WDCTool suite to maximize and ease your use of our tools. TIDE will help you get started and in no time at all you will be writing, compiling, and debugging your 65xx code!

Debugger User Guide

The Western Design Center Debugger (WDCDB) for the W65C02S/W65C816S is used to simulate the functionality of the W65C02S or W65C816S  Chip, W65C02S GDSII Hard Core, and W65C02S or W65C816S Verilog RTL Soft Core on your PC and is integrated with the Debugger. The Debugger provides window to watch all microprocessor internal registers, data windows for viewing simulated memory, and debug capabilities to step through code and monitor the behavior of your application using unlimited software and a hardware breakpoints. In addition, the Debugger can download and debug control and applications software to your hardware through a TIDE port.
  • Assembler – (WDCxAS) – The 65xx Assemblers for the W65C02S and the W65C816S translate assembly language source files into object files.
  • Linker – (WDCLN) – Since the assemblers do not generate output files the Linker is the program that combines object modules and produces the final object code output in various selected forms for your target.
  • Librarian – (WDCLIB) – WDCLIB is a utility program that manipulates libraries of object modules. WDCLIB makes it possible to create a library of commonly used functions.
  • Symbol Examiner – (WDCSYM) –
    The WDCSYM utility provides a means to examine symbol files generated by the WDCLN linker.
  • Object Examiner – (WDCOBJ) –
    The WDCOBJ utility provides a means to examine object modules created by the WDCxAS assembler.

    WDCOBJ will print out the size and type of each section defined in the module, the names of all symbols defined or referenced by the object module, and if desired, each of the data records in the file.

Additional Information resource:

W65C134 Monitor ROM Code Listing

For use of WDCTools with a Non-Commercial 65xx core, WDC requires a Commercial Use License.