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W65C134SXB – Features

  • W65C134S MCU operating at 3.6864 MHz

  • 1 x 32Kbytes SRAM

  • 1 x 128Kbytes FLASH ROM (32PLCC Socket) mapped as upper 32KB of Memory Map with overlays off of 2 IO pins  from the W65C134S (P34 = FA15; P35 = FAMS).

  • 1 x XBus134 Connector (40 Pin) with full Data, Address and Control lines for system expansion

  • Serial Interface Bus (SIB) connector for SIB-IN and SIB-OUT for token passing local area network for 8 W65C134SXBs with no external components, just cables.

  • 3 x 10 IO Connectors (Ports 4/5/6).  Each connector has VSS/VDD and 8 I/O.

  • Serial Terminal Programming Interface – FTDI232 UART Interfaced to the Serial Port (P60=RXD/P61=TXD/P62=DTRB Output/P47=DSRB Input) of the W65C134S using the MASK Serial Monitor. 

  • 5V Powered by Micro USB Connector