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About The Xxcelr8r Academy

The Xxcelr8r Academy has been developed as a virtual environment for guidance for the use and understanding of WDC’s 65xx Embedded Intelligence Technology. The Academy promotes a cohort learning environment or all ages and experience levels where users will be introduced to fundamental concepts and understanding of both 8 and 16-bit WDC technology using the WDC’s Standard chip Xxcelr8r Board (SXBs) platforms. The Xxcelr8r Academy is a great addition to enrichment programs, Technology Clubs, Summer Camps or stand alone.

The goals of the Xxcelr8r Academy are to empower through understanding and practical application of information. This knowledge will play an active role in furthering understanding of the world that surrounds you. The content within this site will continue to evolve in order to effectively present the principles and practices used to be successful with 65xx technology using the SXB platform.

In some ways the content of the Xxcelr8r Academy will present items which cultivate computational thinking: a mode of thought that goes well beyond software and hardware, and that provides a framework within which to reason about systems and complex problems. This critical thought process will spark the inner engineer thus freeing one’s ability for innovation as many engineers have before you.