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Kits that let you build while learning how computers work. Ideal for use in the classroom setting, computer club or for individuals. Easy to read documentation, which includes a historical look at the development of the computer. |shop |

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Our focus at NEIL Education Company is to create educational programs that utilize the best hands on tools. Learn by doing is what we believe in. At the same time, we avoid tools that give “instant gratification” at the expense of true learning. Our tools allow the students to build from scratch, while scaffolding their learning. Nothing is done for them, the student must pay attention, and do things properly. This method offers a more “real world” approach over some of the instant gratification tools that are on the market today.

The key to a students success is a program that works, and an instructor that understands the material and can deliver the program successfully to the students. This is where NEIL Education Company comes in. Our educational programs are well written, straight forward, and easy to implement by a skilled instructor.

Attention to detail, and a high quality product is what is important to us at NEIL Education Company, and this is why you will be successful when implementing our programs in your classroom or Science Center environment.


Beginner and Intermediate

Introduction to Embedded Intelligence
This program is an introduction to Embedded Intelligence and utilizes Power-Point slide shows along with videos and hands on learning using breadboards and simple electronic projects.

Breadboard Computer
This program teaches Embedded Electronics by building a working computer on a breadboard. We use the APATCO NCS-2056T kit for this purpose, along with our NEIL custom teachers guides.

Circuit Board Assembly and Soldering Techniques
Extending what you’ve learned in the “Breadboard Computer” program, this program teaches the process of designing a circuit board, and then assembling the parts using solder and soldering iron. We use the APATCO NCS-EB50 for this purpose.

Embedded Intelligence Programming
Hardware isn’t anything without good software. This program teaches both assembly language, and Standard C programming for your Embedded Electronic device. We use the NCS-EB50 for this purpose, along with Western Design Centers 65xxTools.

Advanced Programs

65xxcelr8r Board Series