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W65C816PXB Xilinx FPGA Development System


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Those who have a history of use of our 65xx technology or would like to integrate our long standing and proven technology, will benefit from the design features of our W65C816PXB FPGA Development Board offering extensions using WDC 8- and 8/16-bit 65xx chip sets as well as our PMCUs because you can fluidly transition a design which may be struggling with the demands of today’s markets to a more effective and flexible Programmable Logic FPGA design.

This product provides seamless development for the use of Programmable Logic using the Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA with fully compatible WDC design transfer of either the ’02 or  ‘816 microprocessors and ’21, ’22, and ’51 peripherals. In short this is the best possible solution for prototyping your 65xx based products evolution to a programmable logic device.

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