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W65C816SXB 8/16-bit MCU SBC



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The W65C816SXB is a seminal single board computer (SBC) for 8/16-Bit education development. The W65C816SXB is based around the world renowned W65C816S 8/16-bit microprocessor which has which is known for creating gaming systems such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Super Mario RPG and computer systems such as the Acorn CommunicatorApple IIGS , and SuperCPU, an upgrade for the Commodore 64.

With its vast, I/O provided by the on board W65C22 VIA, W65C21 PIA, and W65C51 ACIA peripheral ports the W65C816SXB provides the user with easy access to the vast flexibility in microcontroller design possibilities using our Addressable Register Architecture (ARA).


Understanding Key Features of the MPU of the W65C816SXB:

The W65C816S Co-processor capabilities can be used to supplement the functions of the primary processor (the CPU). Operations performed by the co-processor may be floating point arithmetic, graphics, signal processing, string processing, encryption or I/O Interfacing with peripheral devices such as the W65C22 and W65C21. By offloading processor-intensive tasks from the main processor, co-processors can accelerate system performance. Co-processors allow a line of computers to be customized so that customers who do not need the extra performance need not pay for it.



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