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CMU Build Your Own Breadboard Computer (BYOBC) Course – Fall 2023

Drawing inspiration from Wilson Mines Co. and the Ben Eater 6502 Kit, Carson Swoveland, a student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), created a course around the 6502! CMU has a program called StuCo that allows students to create and teach courses on subjects they are interested in but not offered at CMU.

For those interested in implementing something like this in their classes, maker spaces, etc., Carson was awesome enough to provide some helpful resources:

We are grateful to Carson for sharing his teaching experience with us and the world. During the course, Carson asked if WDC would join one of the classroom sessions. The Zoom session was recorded will be made available on YouTube.

After completing their BYOBC, each student chose their final project of extending their computer’s ability. Students successfully demoed the following projects (click links for video):

A few in-progress projects included:

  • Implementing bogosort
  • Connecting a PS/2 keyboard
  • Adding memory banking

Below are some pictures taken during the final demo day: