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Lattice Semiconductor  provides smart connectivity solutions powered by our low power FPGA, video ASSP, 60 GHz millimeter wave, and IP products to the consumer, communications, industrial, computing, and automotive markets worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to our customers enables them to accelerate their innovation, creating an ever better and more connected world.


WDC Targeted FPGA Family:

ECP2MRedefining the FPGA application space – With up to 95 K LUTs and up to 5.3 Mbit block and Distributed RAM the LatticeECP2 and LatticeECP2M families integrate capabilities previously only found on higher cost FPGAs.

High speed SERDES with PCS – High jitter tolerant, low transmission SERDES with PCS blocks can be configured to support an array of popular data protocols including PCI Express, Ethernet (1 GbE and SGMII), OBSAI and CPRI.

Performance without the power drain – Using just 0.35 W static power, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the LatticeECP2/M families couldn’t support up to 840 Mbps LVDS IO, DDR1/2 at 533 Mbps, and SPI4.2 at 750 Mbps – but they can.


MachX03The MachXO3L is Lattice’s newest instant-on, non-volatile, small footprint FPGAs that use advanced packaging technology to enable the lowest cost devices. The family features the latest in small packaging, low-power, and aggressive cost combined with fast performance. The MachXO3L family spans from 640 to 6900 LUTs. It is available in lower power E (1.2 v core) version or C (3.3/2.5 V core) versions.

Breakthrough I/O Density at the Lowest Cost per I/O – Programmable bridging and I/O expansion has never been more affordable with up to 540 I/O and priced at 1 cent per I/O.

Maximum I/O, Minimum Size – Smallest BGA packages with 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm and 0.8 mm ball-spacing options.

Instant Programmable Bridging and I/O Expansion – Maximum flexibility with instant-on access and multi-time programmability.


Targeted Development Boards:


LCMXO3LF-6900C-S-EVN MachXO3LF Starter Kit



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