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Legacy / Obsolete IC Parts Replacments

Drop In Compatible Legacy IC Replacements

MPU, MCU, and Peripheral replacements for system repair is one of the most time-sensitive, mission-critical issues for any company.

A damaged or outdated integrated circuit (IC) can shut down an entire production lines Industrial control system, or cause a product to be recalled or replaced by its customers. Unplanned downtime is a major hit to the bottom line but it doesn’t have to mean bleeding out your bottom line in both production loss AND replacement costs.

As you may have experienced already, many companies would prefer to see you completely replace hardware and upgrade your entire system, but you can save money and time with a drop in replacement part from WDC.

Knowing what to look for and who to call to get fast and reliable replacement parts is critical. WDC has compiled a list of IC part numbers which cross to newly produced WDC components for your convenience.

WDC IC Cross Parts Replacment Spreadsheet

WDC IC Package Type Information

Finding the package type for your product/project is key. With this information you will properly know how to understand WDC part number information and identify all of WDC parts package types available for your needs.

 Chip/Core Applications   IC Package Types