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Bringing real-world Engineering Principles to the classroom!

Programming computers are akin to writing a recipe – you identify the key ingredients you’ll need and break down the necessary steps that must be completed to create your masterpiece. The logical process of combining procedures is what computers are best at doing, and teachers can use a WDC Standard chip Xxcelr8r Boards (SXB) 8/16 Microcomputer Education as an easy way to show how this is done.

8/16 Microcomputer Education and learning platforms such as the Xxcelr8r series have been around for decades, but they’ve never been easy to use. This is primarily because the understanding of real-world engineering principles was only available to those who sought them out. Anyone can pick up an SXB or Programmable Xxcelr8r Board (PXB) and get it to do something interactive in less time than it takes to watch a movie. With only a handful of basic materials, you can make a stuffed animal talk, create a light show with LEDs, collect environmental data, and post it to the Internet – the possibilities are endless. This really appeals to educators because rapidly inspires students. Being able to boss around a computer is a powerful skill and it’s pretty rewarding too. There are many tools that students can use and different tools are suited to different stages of learning.

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indexWhy Assembly Language Programming is Important

The world is full of case studies outlining software engineering disasters. Almost every programmer has had to work on a project involving “less than stellar” source code that was difficult to read and maintain. On rare occasions, some programmers get the opportunity to work on a well-designed system, an awe-inspiring piece of craftsmanship that usually produces the exclamation, “This is truly great code!”

Why Learning Assembly Language Is Still a Good Idea

SXB/PXB Board Selection Guides:

These charts identify the features for each board which may prove valuable to your educational development supported by WDC 65xx technology.

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