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Consumer Product Dev

Makers who use 65xx technology for Consumer Product Development have made the world we know today!

From early Apple I days to modern day single board computers, 65xx technology has been at the heart of the Maker market.  The 65xx microprocessors continue to be of interest for current hobby systems, redesigns or upgrades of Apple, Acorn, Atari, Nintendo, and Commodore PC and video game systems. In short, the 65xx microprocessing systems are fun and educational.  We encourage you to use your imagination and make something fun and exciting.  WDC has been working to provide new Standard chip Xxcelr8r Boards or SXB Boards to help your creations come alive.  The XMOD and XKIT series can work with our boards and some may work with your custom boards.

Maker Resources

6502.org – An awesome resource for anyone interested in 65xx hardware and software.  They have projects, code, forums and more!

Make – Plethora of information for Makers of all sorts.

Makerspace Directory – Extensive World-Wide directory of Makerspaces.

What’s a Makerspace?

To describe them simply, Makerspaces are community centers with tools. Makerspaces combine manufacturing equipment, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, prototype and create manufactured works that wouldn’t be possible to create with the resources available to individuals working alone. These spaces can take the form of loosely-organized individuals sharing space and tools, for-profit companies, non-profit corporations, organizations affiliated with or hosted within schools, universities or libraries, and more. All are united in the purpose of providing access to equipment, community, and education, and all are unique in exactly how they are arranged to fit the purposes of the community they serve.

Makerspaces represent the democratization of design, engineering, fabrication and education. They are a fairly new phenomenon, but are beginning to produce projects with significant national impacts.

Free Makerspace Playbook


X StickerShow off your Project!

 Your project could be the future and as it has proven for generations 65xx technology is a great place to start. We at WDC would like you to share your project with us so that we can present it through our social media outlets to other enthusiasts. Also we would like to evaluate your project to determine if we can help support your efforts given that WDC is the only world wide IP provider who has now produced a series of development boards.


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SXB/PXB Board Selection Guides:

These charts identify the features for each board which may prove valuable to your maker project development supported by WDC 65xx technology.

SXB Comparison Chart   PXB Comparison Chart   Where to Buy