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The Mensch computer (MC) is a product idea which has finally achieved reality. Named after William D. Mensch, Jr., founder, chairman and CEO of The Western Design Center, Inc. (WDC), it is the product of many years of discussion, review and planning. Bill is well-known as the designer and patent holder of the W65C02 and W65C816 microprocessors which were used in early Apple computers and Super Nintendo and are being used in millions of products around the world today. He was honored in 1991 at the Microprocessor Forum as one of the pioneers of the microprocessor industry.

It has been Bill’s vision to create a true solid state computer. The MC is not a game computer or a “business” computer. It is not a PC nor does it compete in the PC marketplace. It is not a calculator, home controller or personal organizer although it could be any of these. This new class of solid state computer can include a multitude of user-specific applications supported by a single platform. It is based upon a philosophy which believes: user empowerment does not require complexity but does require simplicity and usefulness without intimidation.