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MyMENSCH™ Microcomputer Feature List

  • Designed for WDC’s VASIC-to-ASIC™ Design and Manufacturing flow
  • Works with Programmable logic Microcontroller Units (PMCUs) from WDC
  • Voltage regulated 3.3 volts derived from USB 5.0 volt supply
  • FTDI245 parallel USB Code and Debug port and 5.0 volt power supply
  • Fully supported by WDCTools Assembly, C language and Debugger development tool suite
  • Four 3v3 power and four VSS pins
  • Two 2×25 pin connectors for 92 IO pins provide quick prototyping
  • LEDs connected to 8 GPIO ports
  • RESB and NMIB buttons
  • 14.7456 MHz oscillator hooked to ball G5 of the FPGA.
  • JTAG port for test, debug, FLASH memory, and programmable logic