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Welcome to The Western Design Center Inc.’s Developer Site.

WDC has created this website to support developers that use WDC’s 65xx technology products.

The Western Design Center’s microprocessor family, tools, and boards provide a full featured project platform based on a legacy of reliable and successful market proven 65xx technology. It’s intended for the most creative designers, makers, and anyone interested in creating anything from an interactive environment to commercial products.

Our 65xx technology with the introduction of our new 65xxcelr8r boards provides a full spectrum of design capabilities to empower you through the basic aspects of Sensing, Processing, Communicating, and Actuating. With the use of our longstanding 65xx Technology an Xcelrator Board (XB) will allow the user to sense the environment through input from a variety of sensors while also allowing you to control your surroundings with sensors, lights, motors, and actuators.

Our 8 or 16-bit microprocessors along with the added expandable peripherals on the board can be programmed using both 6502 Assembly or C language programming through the 65xx project coding environment WDCTools.

For those professional developers of commercial products that would like to evaluate pre-production versions of our XB product line or just want some additional support for your product you can begin the qualification process by clicking the link below.

Developer Qualification Form


“Everyone in the world should learn how to program a machine in its language. This exercise teaches you how to more effectively learn, critically think, and use your own embedded intelligence for a better, more joyful, and more productive life experience!”

– Bill Mensch