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WDC FPGA Supported Modules

The following is a list of modules are described in the Verilog HDL (Hardware Description Language) using RTL (Register Transfer Level) descriptions. WDC has proven all modules using Assembly and C language software libraries written for WDC’s standard FPGA Microcontrollers that exist on MyMENSCH™ SBCs. The Logic Cell (LC) count listed is when built for the MAX10 FPGA. 

W65C02RTL 8-bit MPU Module – 1690 LC

The W65C02RTL 8-bit Microprocessor (MPU) module is a cycle and function exact replacement for WDC’s industry-standard W65C02S 8-bit microprocessor integrated circuit (IC).

W65C816RTL 8/16-bit MPU Module – 5300 LC

The W65C816RTL 8/16-bit Microprocessor (MPU) module is a cycle and function exact replacement for WDC’s industry-standard W65C816S 8/16-bit microprocessor integrated circuit (IC). The external memory bus module demultiplexes the multiplexed address and data bus of the W65C816S for a full 24-bit address bus

W65C22RTL VIA Module – 440 LC

The W65C22RTL 8/16-bit Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA) module is a cycle and function exact replacement for the WDC popular industry-standard W65C22S VIA integrated circuit (IC).

W65C51RTL ACIA Module – 210 LC

The W65C51RTL Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA) module is a Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) with additional built-in communications features. The W65C51RTL is an improved and enhanced version of the W65C51N ACIA integrated circuit (IC).

W65CGPIO (GPIO)- 20-260 LC (Depending on type)

The W65CGPIO 8-bit General Purpose Input and Output (GPIO) variety of flexible modules are used for bidirectional individually programmed IO pins, debounced and interrupt-driven keypads and priority encoded programmable edge interrupts.

W65CI2C Module- 290 LC

The W65CI2C is an industry-standard two-wire, bi-directional I2C serial bus master. The I2C standard is a true multi-master bus including collision detection and arbitration that prevents data corruption if two or more masters attempt to control the bus simultaneously. The I2C module features an 8 bit Wishbone bus interface.

W65CSPI Module- 190 LC

The W65CSPI Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is an enhanced version of the SPI found on Motorola’s M68HC11 family of CPUs. The SPI serial synchronous communication protocol that requires a minimum of 3 wires. Enhancements to the original interface include a wider supported operating frequency range, 4 entries deep read and write FIFOs, and programmable transfer count dependent interrupt generation. The high compatibility with the M68HC11 SPI port ensures that existing software can use this core without major modifications. New software can use existing examples as a starting point. The SPI module features an 8 bit Wishbone bus interface.

W65CWBI Module- 20 LC

The W65CWBI Wishbone Interface is a module that is used to exchange between the 8-bit 65xx interface and the 8-bit Wishbone interface.

W65CHBM HBM Module – 80 LC

The W65CHBM Hardware Breakpoint Module (HBM) pulls NMIB low forcing interruption and redirection of the code sequence to the NMI handler software routine, The HBM is used to break the code sequence based upon a match of the address and data bus combined with the read-write signal (RWB) set in programmable registers of the HBM. The HBM is used for analyzing and debugging code under development described in detail in the WDC FPGA Microcontroller datasheets.

W65CUID Module – 225 LC

The W65CUID is a 64-bit Unique Identification (UID) module supports unique device identification through reading the 64-bit code written when manufactured by Intel. The UID can be used, for example, to support security of data through encryption, when required, for connecting to IoT Cloud services.

W65CHWM HWM Module – 140 LC

The W65CHWM Hardware Multiply Module (HWM) contains both a 16×16 Signed and 16×16 Unsigned multiplier.

W65CHWD HWD Module – 410 LC

The W65CHWD Hardware Divide Module (HWD) contains a 32/32 Unsigned divider.

W65CUFM UFM Module – 735 LC

The W65CUFM User FLASH Module is expandable, depending on the MAX10 FPGA from a minimum of 32K bytes to the maximum available on the MAX10 device chosen. See the WDC FPGA Microcontroller datasheets for more information.

W65CADC ADC Module – 335 LC

The W65CADC Analog –to Digital Converter (ADC) is a 12-bit ADC multiplexed for up to 10 analog sources for measurement as spelled out in WDC’s FPGA Microcontroller datasheets, for example 8 multiplexed ADC Channels, high speed dedicated channel, and internal dedicated Temperature Sense Diode (TSD).