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W65C265S 8/16–bit Microcontroller (MCU)

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For applications in production that require in-system diagnostics, the W65C265S is a perfect solution, featuring internal system monitor ROM. If you need robust math for applications in sensing, such as pressure, temperature, revolutions per minute, flow monitoring and control, variable climate control or other systems for scientific, automotive, communications, home appliance/automation, then you’ll benefit from our ANSI Standard C compiler.

Features of the W65C265S

  • Full Software Selectable External Memory Bus
  • 8−bit Data Bus
  • 24−bit Address Bus
  • 16Mbyte Memory and Memory Mapped IO Space
  • Fully Static for Power and Radiation Management
  • 8MHz Operating Bus Speed
  • Commercial temperature range
  • 2.8V − 5.5V power supply
  • 56 CMOS compatible I/O lines
  • 8192 x 8 Embedded Monitor ROM
  • 576 x 8 On−Chip Static RAM
  • Power management features
  • 29 priority encoded interrupts
  • 4 UARTs with 7/8−bit w/wo odd or even parity
  • Parallel Interface Bus (PIB) for Multi−processor Communications
  • Time of Day (ToD) clock features
  • 8 x 16 bit timer/counters
  • Watch Dog Timer
  • Software Controlled 4x Bus Speed Shifting for slow memory or peripherals