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W65C51N Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA)

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The WDC CMOS W65C51N Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA) provides an easily implemented, program controlled interface between microprocessor based systems and serial communication data sets and modems.

Features of the W65C51N

  • Full duplex operation with buffered receiver and transmitter
  • Data set/modem control functions
  • Internal baud rate generator with 15 programmable baud rates (50 to 19,200)
  • Program−selectable internally or externally controlled receiver rate
  • Programmable word lengths, number of stop bits and parity bit generation and detection
  • Programmable interrupt control
  • Program reset
  • Program−selectable serial echo mode
  • 2 Chip Selects
  • 14 MHz Operating Bus Speed
  • 5V Power Supply
  • Full TTL compatibility
  • Bus compatible with 14 MHz W65C02S and W65C816S
  • Bus Compatible with 65xx and 68xx microprocessors
  • Replacement for CMD / GTE Harris / MOS Technology / GE / RCA / Synertek / Motorola / Freescale / Rockwell R6551, 65SC51, 65C51, 6551, CPD65C51, 6551, 6850