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W65C832PXB Lattice FPGA and ASIC Development System


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In order to eliminate precious development time re-qualifying your design to migrate to lower cost structured ASIC, FPGA, PLD or standard cell implementations. WDC has designed the W65C832PXB to lower the barriers of development of applications using Programmable Logic devices and ASIC development with stand alone 65xx technology or with partnering technology integration. The W65C832PXB FPGA board accelerates hardware including extensions to the W65C02GPMCU or W65C816GPMCU, which can be elevated to 32bit processes using our Addressable Register Architecture.

The W65C832PXB’s design reduces software development time associated with complex system designs with 65xx technology using the Lattice ECP2M−50 FPGA and associated Lattice tools in conjunction with the use of the WDCTool Suite.

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