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Xilinx’s portfolio of software defined and hardware optimized solutions include proven C and IP based design tools that support the development of ‘software defined hardware’, and a new family of software development environments that supports the development of ‘software defined systems’. With this unique combination, Xilinx is addressing the rapidly growing demands for programmability and intelligence with software, while enabling greater than 10X the bandwidth, 1/10th the latency and power, and flexible any-to-any connectivity with optimized hardware.

WDC Targeted FPGA Family:

Spartan 6

Spartan®-6 devices are the most cost-optimized FPGAs, offering industry leading connectivity features such as high logic-to-pin ratios, small form-factor packaging, and a diverse number of supported I/O protocols. Built on 45nm technology, the devices are ideally suited for a range of advanced bridging applications found in automotive infotainment, consumer, and industrial automation.

Targeted Development Boards:


Spartan-6 LX9 MicroBoard


WDC Direct



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