MESA, AZ. USA, January, 2015– The same technology, which has developed some of the largest most renowned companies in the world, is now available to those who seek to understand how technology works and how to make it work for them. Introducing, the WDC 65xx Standard chip Xxceler8r Board series (SXB) Engineering Development Systems from The Western Design Center, the leader in 65xx Technology.

Whether you are a young student, an enthusiast, Maker, or seasoned Embedded Programmer, WDC has a board for you. These new WDC board products have been designed to reduce the barriers of understanding and development for 65xx technology-based projects and products, which have a legacy of success in a multitude of markets around the world.

For The Maker and Student:

The world is full of hobbyist, garage inventors and obsessive tinkerers. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The common thread these innovators share lies within the connectivity they have with their inner engineer. In regard to technology the key component to success is the ability to understand how and why technology works. Without this understanding, the success of an individual is reliant on others. The Xxceler8r board series promotes understanding of how technology works, thus increasing the user’s ability to work with technology and empowering them to develop projects, products, and complex systems for the benefit of all.

For The Programmer and Leaders of Industry:

To write great code requires one to write efficient code. Writing efficient code requires good algorithm choices and a good implementation of those algorithms. The best implementations are going to be written by those who have mastered or fully understand the low-level implementation of the high-level language statements they’re choosing. To reverse the trend of software running slower and slower, even though CPUs are running faster, and faster is going to require programmers to begin considering the low-level implications of the code that they write.

With Optimized code generation and power consumption features, in addition to efficiency and proven reliability in industrial applications, the use of WDC’s 65xx technology has a long history of success.

What does the board series consist of?
The Xxceler8r Board Series has launched with 4 SXB boards. The W65C02SXB is based on the W65C02S microprocessor and has 40 I/O, Timers, and Serial Communication with the VIA, PIA, and ACIA peripheral chips on board. The board features 32KB RAM and 128KB (reprogrammable) ROM onboard. The W65C816SXB features the same RAM, ROM and peripheral devices, but gives you a full 24-bit address bus and the expanded features of the W65C816S microprocessor.

For those that are looking for a smaller board and an all-in-one microcomputer experience, WDC offers the W65C134SXB and W65265SXB. The W65C134SXB features the W65C134S microcomputer chip, which is based on the W65C02 microcomputer. This chip has a single UART, 3 x 8-bit I/O expansion ports and a token passing LAN through the Serial Interface Bus. The W65C265SXB expands to 4 UARTS, 3 x 8-bit I/O expansion ports and Twin Tone Generators. It is based on the W65C265S microcomputer chip, featuring the W65C816 processor.

These products are currently available direct from WDC or through Mouser Electronics.