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CHIPS Act Meets 6502 SOC Tapeout Classes

 August 12, 2022, Mesa, Arizona.  In planning and development for over a year the CHIPS Act is now meeting for the first time the plans and efforts by industry partners to create System On Chip (SOC) Design and Tapeout Classes for colleges and universities throughout the world. Beginning with the 180nm TSMC process node professors […]


In Memoriam of Charles “Chuck” Peddle

December 20, 2019 Mesa, Arizona It is with sadness WDC/I announce that on December 15, 2019, Chuck Peddle passed away. We send our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and the personal computer industry. We have lost a pioneer with Chuck’s passing. Some history of Chuck’s and my relationship follows. I started work on Motorola’s […]