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Time has proven, flexible products for demanding applications.

WDC’s 65xx products have been used in countless commercial/industrial applications over the years.  From elevators to railway systems; lab equipment to industrial cooling systems and beyond.  These markets really benefit from WDC’s Addressable Register Architecture (ARA).  Our chips have easy access to both the Address and Data Busses for easy expansion.  Our IP is structured to allow for easy direct connection with other direct IP.  Our Xxcelr8r board products will help you jump start your next project. Check out our Applications page for a small glimpse at some companies that found great success with our products.

Chip/Core Applications   IC Package Types

Legacy Replacement .

MPU, MCU, and Peripheral replacements for system repair is one of the most time-sensitive, mission-critical issues for any company.

A damaged or outdated integrated circuit (IC) can shut down an entire production lines Industrial control system, or cause a product to be recalled or replaced by its customers.  Unplanned downtime is a major hit to the bottom line but it doesn’t have to mean bleeding out your bottom line in both production loss AND replacement costs.

As you may have experienced already, many companies would prefer to see you completely replace hardware and upgrade your entire system, but you can save money and time with a drop in replacement part from WDC.

Knowing what to look for and who to call to get fast and reliable replacement parts is critical. WDC has compiled a list of IC part numbers which cross to newly produced WDC components for your convenience.

WDC IC Cross Parts Replacment Spreadsheet

Tested, reliable, and conscience parts for your projects.


WDC has established a solid manufacturing chain to ensure that you will have the product you need for the life of your project. Our intention is to continue manufacturing all of our current products for as long as possible. We have great partners that have helped us achieve our goals. Each device is assembled and tested in an ISO-9001 certified facility. All of our current production parts are RoHS2/Green compliant and conform to current SVHC-REACH and Conflict Materials standards. The documents below are common documents that customers request regarding RoHS, Substances of Very High Concern, and Conflict Materials.

REACH 2-3 SVHC 2022

RoHS 2-3 Statement (Covers all chip products)

Latest CMRT Statement: CMRT 6.01 Excel Spreadsheet

IP Licensing and Design Flow

The WDC licensing business model is flexible and is a combination of licensing fees and royalties that can be negotiated at the time of licensing. Our Business and Technology License Agreement (BTLA) is available to those qualified potential licensees under an NDA. Once licensed, all required views of the technology are transferred under the BTLA. Our IP has been proven in volume production standard products and various licensed ASIC products of our licensees on various pure-play foundries for example UMC and TSMC at sub-micron geometries. In addition, several integrated device manufacturers have had significant success within their internal manufacturing facilities over the last 30+ years. WDC and our design partners can retarget to specific process nodes or as a licensee you can retarget to any CMOS process node you desire.  WDC also provides IP for licensees using Programmable Logic Devices.  Please see our PLD and ASIC design flow pages for more technical information.

 WDC FPGA Design Flow    WDC ASIC Design Flow

SXB Board Selection Guides:

Use the chart below to help choose the right SXB for your development.

SXB Comparison Chart